Thanks to Keith G4MSF for providing this information




Now with DMR becoming more and more popular and DMR branching out to link to other communication networks to give us cross mode communications it is fantastic to now see DMR linked to APRS. [1]


DMR users now have access to the APRS system where DMR users can have their position shown on APRS, APRS users can see where DMR users are located in real time [2]. DMR users position can now be seen on the internet using the web site found at where APRS stations can be seen, plotted and data from APRS can be searched going by many months.

What's even more marvellous is that not only can DMR users send short text messages between other DMR users, but now you can also send and receive text messages from APRS users world wide. [3]


1.     You must first set up a self help account at: where you can set up your call sign/DMR ID so that it can be used on APRS.


2.     To have real time tracking on DMR your radio must be able to have a GPS integrated in to it, it is not something you can add later to the likes of an MD380. Though some Motorola radios can have a fixed position programmed in to them, but they can not do real time tracking. See Adrian's web site for more detail: M0GLJ


3.     DMR messages must follow a fixed format in order for messages to go through to APRS. The format being CALL SIGN (in capitals) text of message, example: G4MSF-9 this is a test message. The text 'this is a test message' will be sent to G4MSF-9, where G4MSF-9 is the call sign of the APRS station you wish to send the message to. The message should be sent to ID 5057 where 5057 is set in your digital contacts as a private contact.
To send a message from APRS to DMR the format is like any other APRS message where the text you send it sent to the specific call sign, but the specific call sign must be set up on your self help page found in 1. above.



Keith G4MSF